The Pokeymans Project

Did you know (or care) that there are currently over 650 different Pokémon?

Probably not.  Noelle Stevenson sure didn’t.  In fact, she didn’t know what a Pokémon even was.

Noelle, a tumblr user and web comic artist/writer, gained a bit of a cult following after she began updating her page with her very own doodles of Pokémon.  Wait, how does she do that if she’s never seen Pokémon?  Luckily, the internet community was there to provide her with…helpful textual descriptions.  And thus, “The Pokeymans Project” was born:

Gingerhaze's drawing of Gardevoir the Pokemon

Credit: Noelle Stevenson

Whether hilariously off-base or eerily on-point to the actual, the drawings will probably remind you of the result of a really drunk game of Telephone and Pictionary.  But I’ll let you be the judge of that.  Check out her gallery of Pokémon doodles at her newly dedicated Tumblr page for The Pokeymans Project.

(And be sure to also check out her main blog, “How Are You I’m Fine Thanks” to take a look at some of her amazing web artwork!)

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