My Top 10 Favorite Cosplays of NY Comic Con 2013

Howdy All!

Astronaut Ice Cream SandwichThe Internaut was lost in space (cyberspace?) and has been on a hiatus over the past few months but we’re back in orbit and packing a new post. I’ll spare you the details of “work life yadda, yadda, yadda” reasoning, but it was through those very means that I secured a Professional 4-Day Pass to the New York Comic Con this past weekend!

I’ll save the wordy details for a follow-up post, but I will say that it was my very first Comic Con and I had a lengthy few days to experience the event. Best of all – I got to take photos of cool stuff, things I couldn’t afford, and really creative costumes.

On that note, below is my list of top 10 favorite cosplays (costume + play = cosplay) from my very first NY Comic Con weekend. With scientific photo evidence.

Like all legit lists of things by people who can’t make up their minds, I am starting with some honorable mentions.  They didn’t make the cut, but they very well could have if I happened to wake up on a different side of bed this morning.

Honorable Mentions:

Blankman:NYCC Blankman CosplayNailed it. It’s Blankman. Posing with the showroom DJ. That about says it all.

Puptain America/Steve Dogers:NYCC Captain America Pup CosplayConstantly running off to fight evil that I could only get a picture of his puppy butt. A blurry one.

Vash the Stampede:NYCC Vash CosplayHe threatened to “shoot the ‘chu” if he wasn’t moved to the top 10. But I don’t negotiate with terrorists.

My Top 10 Favorite Cosplays:

#10: The Flash(er)

NYCC Flash(er) Cosplay

This was one of the first costumes I saw during the weekend. I had briefly glanced at him, walked past, then when it hit me I turned around and yelled, “Flasher!” Right on cue, he turns around, makes eye contact with me, goes through the motions of doing shifty eyes back and forth to make sure no one else was looking (it’s Comic Con, there are at least 20 people within a 5 foot radius of you at all times), and flashed me with this glorious pose. Creativity +1.

#9: Wreck-It Ralph and Vanellope von Schweetz

NYCC Wreck-It Ralph Cosplay

D’aww. I’m not sure who put the other one up to this but this father/daughter duo complemented each other perfectly, and they were a pleasant sight to see amidst the field of Deadpools and oversized swords making their way through the area.

#8: Merida

NYCC Merida Cosplay

Still riding that Disney Train to #8 — I quickly learned this weekend that I appreciated the cosplayers who played up their innate resemblances and body features to their characters. Exhibit A: this young lady cosplaying as Merida from Disney’s Brave, wearing not only her very own flowing red locks, but also a natural smile with confidence. Bonus points.

#7: Shredder (With Decapitated Ninja Turtle Heads)

NYCC Shredder Cosplay

I’m a big fan of the details, and this Shredder’s got them. Let’s start with the fact that those Ninja Turtle heads remind me of the paper mache projects I used to do in grade school with old newspapers. And yes, decapitated Ninja Turtle heads were very much a possibility in grade school paper mache projects. Upon closer look, another wonderful detail is the four Ninja Turtle weapons in his possession.  That, coupled with this pose?  It’s an imaginative and totally believable example of classic, animated villain-style behavior: showboating.

#6: Daenerys Targaryen

NYCC Daenerys Cosplay

Or as I call her, Khaleesi! (Exclamation point and ambiguous medieval fantasy accent required.) Game of Thrones’ very own Mother of Dragons made quite a few appearances at The Con, but this particular one earns her spot because of the morning I literally watched her walk away into the crowds and was incapable of reaching her in time for a photo. Yet somehow, by some sheer will of fate, I ended up spotting her again at the very end of the day for this shot. Okay, maybe it was “coincidence” but come on, Comic Con is a big place. This was basically dragon destiny.

#5: Clobberella

NYCC Clobberella Cosplay

Another fun aspect of seeing costumes in high volume at this type of event (i.e. one with thousands of people and a ton of shows/movies/comics represented) is the uniqueness that is on display. This cosplay is from one specific episode of Futurama, it was the only one of its kind I saw all weekend, and to her credit she even had custom business cards to hand out after her picture was taken. Nope, not professional business cards as if she was a model for hire. Actual character business cards:

Clobberella business cardWell played, Clobberella…

#4: Rogue

NYCC Rogue Cosplay

I ran into this Rogue at the phone charging stations. Okay, not really ran into, but stood around in the same general vicinity with. Her costume, fit, and hair detail were all on point and she repped the Rogue of the old 90’s X-Men animated series I so fondly grew up on. I hesitated at first to bother her while she was charging up her smart phone (insert your own Rogue pun and/or joke here about “absorbing” energy…) but once again, this is Comic Con, and you usually have to take your chances when you get them. I’m happy she obliged and she even put her gloves back on for the photo. Just in case, of course.

#3: (Zombie) Marilyn Monroe

NYCC Zombie Marilyn Monroe Cosplay

One of my absolute favorites of NY Comic Con. Let me just say that right up front. I actually saw her several times during the weekend but was glad I could catch up to her at Artist Alley for this photo. Beyond the great makeup and other various costume features, she also had the zombie mannerisms on automatic. And not just a single pose, either — there were more than a few in her bag of tricks that she pulled out for photo ops. The attention to the little details and her wonderful attitude towards all the attendees really shot her up in the rankings.  It’s almost as if she…fed off the crowd.  Sorry.

(Update: Like her cosplay as much as I do?  Be sure to check out Undead Monroe’s very own tumblr page at:

#2: Sailor Mars

NYCC Sailor Mars Cosplay

Sometimes everything just comes together, fits, and creates a perfect storm of a costume. This is one of those. Playing up natural physical features and resemblance to your character? Check. Be on point with every aspect of your costume? Check. Nail the mannerisms and pose down? Hat trick. This is as close to a perfect Sailor Mars cosplay as I will probably ever see that it actually makes me question what that cameraman behind her decided to shoot instead.  TURN AROUND. The only thing missing is real flames shooting from her fingertips.

#1: Bumblebee

NYCC Bumblebee Cosplay

I thought about other costumes I saw that I really liked and entertained listing them at #1, but this Transformers movie cosplay was the only costume that I can say continuously and simultaneously created not just a ridiculous crowd, but also a human traffic jam from the moment he stepped onto the show floor. From what I’ve heard, this same cosplay was also around during NY Comic Con 2012 and stands at about 8 feet tall. Based on this photo I took, I’m willing to believe that. I’m also willing to imagine that Bumblebee is doing the moonwalk here. And that for some reason, the two unimpressed gentlemen to his left and right are about to drop down a cardboard box and take him to the streets.


Well that’s my list. I lied; it was wordier than I thought. Aaand here are a few more words:

Before I end this post I’d like to give a huge internet thanks and appreciation to all the cosplayers featured here and in attendance at NY Comic Con who were so very gracious to me when I asked them for a photo. (Some of whom I know were stopped incessantly throughout the weekend.) You’re awesome!

Have any cosplay favorites of your own to share? Want to fight/argue against my choices? Leave a comment below!

Check out my Part II follow-up on my first time experience at NY Comic Con 2013.

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9 Responses to My Top 10 Favorite Cosplays of NY Comic Con 2013

  1. O. Morris says:

    If you can, can you please credit my picture to my tumblr, Thanks

  2. E says:

    Love this post! Thanks for sharing these awesome photos. The commentary was hilarious too. =)

  3. Jen Rzasa says:

    I’m so happy I stumbled upon your post! I’m honored to be featured (Clobberella), and it’s awesome to know that someone out there appreciated all the details of my costume! I also love your other picks- especially Blankman, who was so perfect when I met him that I think he deserves to be in the top 10! Hilarious. 🙂

  4. Pingback: My First Comic Con Experience! | The Internaut

  5. Elizabeth Steen says:

    My daughter, Brontë, is Merida above. Your words are so kind and made her feel great about her first real cosplay!

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