My First Comic Con Experience!

The follow-up to My Top 10 Favorite Cosplays of NY Comic Con 2013:

My first foray into the “Con” world was at last week’s New York Comic Con held at the Jacob K. Javits Center. I was lucky enough to secure a 4-Day Pro Pass for the weekend which gave me plenty of time to enjoy all the things I was interested in.

nycc_supermancostumeWhat was I interested in? Now is probably a good time for some background info: I’m not what most people would classify as a “fanboy” of any one thing. I don’t read comics in their panel forms, but I do very much enjoy comic book heroes/stories portrayed in animated series and movies. I like anime (more so when I was younger), but I don’t have any wall scrolls or figurines to show it. I still like cartoons and love video games, even though I only tend to really invest myself into a couple every year.

nycc_sailormoonBut the best part is that none of the above really mattered. No one was there to judge me on my level of fandom. Except maybe the exhibitors who were there to literally judge you on your trivia knowledge of some series…but you get my point. I attended with people who showed up hours early to line up for entry into some of the popular panels, people who bought bags of exclusives for collecting and reselling, people who strictly instituted (and loosely enforced) their personal Comic Con budgets for the weekend, and people who just roamed around to take photos and look at cool stuff. I was one of the latter. I think one of the greatest things I took away from my first time at Comic Con was that you could do as little or as much as you wanted and still come away with a great overall experience.  I’ll definitely be back.

Here are some high/lowlights of my weekend:

  • The costumes, oh the costumes. Ranging between creative, funny, awe-inducing, goofy, and ridiculous, it was a ton of fun not knowing who or what you might run into next. (Check out my previous post to see which were my top 10 favorite cosplays of NYCC 2013!)

nycc_catwoman   nycc_thorfemale

  • nycc_pokemonThe friendliness of attendees. I took a lot of photos of cosplayers and everyone was gracious and accommodating and very excited to be at the event. I was also pleasantly surprised at the emphasis on the “play” portion of “cosplay”, and not simply donning the costume. The stances and expressions each person brought out while posing for their photos brought a smile to my face every time.
  • Has anyone ever told you that you totally look like ______”? Below are three people whom I’m one hundred percent sure have heard that line before in their lifetime.

Morpheus   Rick   Mick Foley

  • nycc_stonecold


    I took a photo of a bald guy in jeans and a leather vest whom I thought was cosplaying as Stone Cold Steve Austin. (He wasn’t)

  • There were a lot of attendees (apparently 130,000), but after constantly being told that I wouldn’t be able to physically move around the show floor on Saturday, supposedly the busiest of the weekend, I actually didn’t think it was as bad as its reputation. I’m attributing some of that to the new electronic check-in/out badges this year (a very smooth process) which didn’t allow you to step out of the Javits Center with 3 badges in your back pocket to get your friends in from outside. Or as I call it: the ol’ movie theater re-entry stub trick.
  • Artist Alley was great, especially for those who were fans of particular artists present. It was a fantastic opportunity to meet and support some small-time artists as well!


  • Phone service was terrible overall at most locations of Comic Con, and the charging stations were also pretty horrid. I’m sure there was some technical explanation involving the scope of electricity demands at the event, but I don’t think I’ve seen a better set up for advertising an investment in a second phone battery or portable charge pack than this weekend.
  • Most cosplayed characters of the weekend: Deadpool. Easily the most cosplayed character of the weekend and at other conventions too, I’m sure. Not that there’s anything wrong with that…but I’ve seen enough Deadpool for the year, I think. Attack on Titan: I’m going to be honest, for the first 2 days of the Con I thought this was a science fiction movie/series about airplane fighter pilots that only I haven’t seen. Then one of them posed with a potato and no one else seemed to bat an eye. I thought I was being trolled.

nycc_deadpoolmaid          nycc_attackontitan

  • Most unexpected cosplays of the weekend: Blankman, Darkwing Duck, and Mulan (as Ping!) were probably the most enjoyably unexpected cosplays of the weekend. Also, I didn’t see this in-person, but there are pics and video (Credit: IGN) of a group of cosplayers who assembled into a fully functional Iron Throne seat. Now that’s a costume I can get behind…or is it, get a behind on? Mwahahha.

nycc_darkwingduck         nycc_ping

Were you at NY Comic Con this year? How was your experience? Anything I neglected to mention? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

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