Escape the Room!

Here’s what I did this weekend in New York City:

Escape The Room

The description was simple and exactly accurate for what went down. Our session was made up of a full group of ten would-be escapees. I came with a group of friends that were curious enough to try it along with me and we were joined shortly after by two couples. We were met in the office lobby by the “Cluemaster” (and Miss Cluemaster) who had orchestrated our entire game. They got to chatting with us as we waited for everyone to arrive; providing a bit of background on creating the game. (I think we were all just relieved that we weren’t greeted by the Jigsaw puppet cycling down the hallway.)

After everyone arrived we took the elevator up to the 15th floor and received a short briefing by Cluemaster of our goal – again, it’s as “simple” as it sounds: escape the room. Out of respect for the game and the hard work of our gracious hosts, I won’t go into any detail on spoiling the actual puzzles or secrets in the game, but I will say that it was a tremendously fun time, and I will definitely be returning to play again as new puzzles develop. The 1-hour timeframe really passes by when you’re wholly set on accomplishing something.

The Name of the Game: Escape the Room!

The “escape the room” experience has been a theme in various computer/online games in the past and its real-life counterparts have sprouted up in several cities across America and even around the world.

I recommend looking up a local organized “escape” event to try for yourself if you’re in any way into puzzles or being challenged, especially as a group. And boy, do you need to work as a group. Our team unfortunately didn’t succeed in escaping this weekend, (we started off great and came close at the end…sort of) nevertheless the experience was a ton of fun whether you escape or not!

…Yes, that’s loser talk, but it’s also the truth.  As a side note, apparently Cluemaster was aiming for no more than a 10% average escape success rate. Sounds about right.  So I dare you to take the challenge of immersing yourself into one of these puzzles and really get your brain (and body) working.   And as Charlie Murphy would say, “make sure your people is there to see the game, cuz you might get embarrassed. Trust me.”

Have you ever taken part in a similar real-life “escape” or logic/puzzle event? How was your experience?

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