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Plot. How I See It and Other Rambles.

Dungeons & Dragons, the grandfather of all roleplaying games, celebrates its 40th birthday this year! I can’t well think of a better way to incorporate and express all the wonderfully creative aspects of gaming and storytelling than the campaigns born … Continue reading

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So You’re a Hitman? Cool. A Look Back at Léon: The Professional

Léon: The Professional, directed by Luc Besson is a movie I remember first watching over a decade and a half ago on network TV – a young me thought it was the best thing I’d ever seen: a hitman dropping … Continue reading

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Designing for Youth – Making Games for Players Under 14

…in general when dealing with younger people, he simply thinks of them as adults with a lot less experience. Check out this video from the YouTube channel Extra Credits for one whirlwind analysis of designing games for children.  From the … Continue reading

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6.00x: Recursion and Objects Week 3

This post is part of the 6.00x Intro to Computer Science and Programming series This week in 6.00.1x focused on two lectures that introduced the ideas of recursion and objects in programming.  In the case of recursion, a number of … Continue reading

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Twitch Plays (And Somehow Beats) Pokémon

Remember that single-player video game you loved as a kid but could never play together with friends because that would mean taking turns passing the controller? And remember how you never did that, because that would be, well…lame? Well, the … Continue reading

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The Resistance: Prepare Your Brain for this Board Game

The follow up to last week’s Play More Games post Don Eskridge’s The Resistance board game has quickly become one of my favorite games…ever. I hesitate to even call it a board game, because nearly the entirety of it is … Continue reading

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My Only 2014 New Year’s Resolution: Play More Games

Before 2013 officially ends, I thought I’d join in on the wonderful tradition of putting together stretch goal resolutions and other general false promises by coming up with my own list of resolutions for the year. Fortunately, after a December … Continue reading

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